Special Event TABC Bartenders

TABC Bartenders

Certified professional bartenders from Austin's most notable restaurants and local businesses.

“Black Car Services”

Travel in executive class with a Onyx Black Mercedes-Benz S550 available for VIP travel to and from events.

Rental Supplies

Glassware, table, linens, coolers, dispensers, napkins and ice delivery.

Signature Drinks

We have the experience to make some of the most unique and amazing libations around. From Moscow Mules to Old Fashioned's.

Shopping List Consultation

We advise the right amount as to not run out and to not have too much; the exact amounts for signature drinks and garnishes.

$3 Million Insurance Policy

We invest in a combined 2M General and 1M liquor liquor liability to protect and provide peace of mind.

Spectacular Event Bartenders for any Occasion!

Preferred Venues

24/7 Reservations and Event Bookings Hotline: (512) 942-7168