Bar Divas Difference


Since 2012 we have strived to break the mold of offering a basic commodity service.  No, the bartending element is not the MOST important part of your event.  However, if it goes wrong it will be the single part to cause the biggest frustration and negative feedback.  With planning, preparation and communication there is nothing preventing anything less than flawless event performance time after time.


Our team of professional, seasoned event Bar Divas of Austin bartenders paired with the expertise of passionate event planners ensures every aspect of your client’s event is covered.  From timelines, supplies and quantities there is nothing we haven’t experienced.  We have refined our best practices to a standard and it is an art we wish to share with you.  Our goals are transparent and tight communication up to, during and after event.


Our focus is to ask all the right questions upfront and drill down uncovering all the specifics of your event details. From supplies, timelines and bartender to guest ratio based on volumes and types of drinks with consideration of event duration.

“My sincere thank you and appreciation.  As your preferred go-to bartending team we are dedicated to always go above and beyond to do whatever necessary to ensure flawless event execution every time.”  — Sergey Podwalny, Owner

24/7 Reservations and Event Bookings Hotline: (512) 942-7168